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Subject: Margaret Morrison & Tech Streets Paving
From: "Parking & Transportation Services" <>
Date: Fri, May 29, 2009 1:30 pm
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The City of Pittsburgh will be milling/paving Tech Street beginning on Tuesday, June 2, 2009. This will impact all meters on Tech Street, parking along Margaret Morrison and CFA permit holders. There may be additional disruptions during the week, of which we haven't been notified of. We will keep you abreast as we receive additional information.

All CFA permit holders should plan on parking in the East Campus Garage on June 2, 2009 and having their tickets validated for the day.

In advance, we thank you for your cooperation.

Parking & Transportation Services

Next year's Sweepstakes

...has been decided already.

Chair: Jess Thurston (Fringe, upcoming 5th year Masters)
Assistant: Chris Shellhamer (Pika, upcoming sophomore ChemE)
Safety: JB Feldman (AEPi, upcoming senior CS)

For the curious, nominations prior to today's meeting:

JB Feldman - AEPi
Jess Thurston - Fringe

JB Feldman - AEPi
Nathaniel Gales - SigNu
Albert Yoewono - PhiKap
Jon Hernandez - KDR

Asst Chairman:
Rick Musgrave - Beta
Chris Shellhamer - Pika
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Second Day Heats

Quote of the Day: "Tell the B team to stop drinking." - SigEp chair, 3:40 pm
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General Comment: Sorry about the lack of updates recently. I've been helping with the Buggy Alumni Association's Rolls Reports. I'll try to bring back the snark, when I'm not traveling to exotic locations.

Oh dear god, I just volunteered to push Camo for Sweepstakes' Exhibition Heat. Andrew (Chair) will be Hill 1, Seth (Safety) will be Hill 2. Several people want to see how many Women's Hill 1 beat Andrew's time.
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Poll: What will befall buggy freerolls this weekend?

The organizations voted to skip both weekends of Spring Break due to lack of students in town. As a result, they missed some spectacularly great weather for rolls. Now they have only EIGHT possible days of Freeroll Practices left. As per Murphy's Law, something will cause a cancellation on one or both days of rolls this weekend. What will it be?

Poll #1367037 Buggy Freerolls March 21-22

What will cause freeroll practice to be cancelled this weekend?

Rain of Frogs
Snow storm
Pitt students riot (again...)
Zombie attack
Late St. Patrick's Day celebrations
Greek Sing
The many years worth of haybales thrown over the cliff near the Chute explode in a massive fireball
Other (please leave reason in comment)

Other Sundry:
- Push Practices started Sunday night/Monday morning
- Sweepstakes is looking for alumni willing to serve as Course Judges during Raceday (preferably two per organization, presumably to keep the judging balanced)
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Feb 28 - First Rolls of Spring Semester (Mar 1 rolls cancelled)

Feb 28: First Rolls of Spring Semester
Orgs and buggies: Pioneers 1, KDR 2, PiKA 3, CIA 2 (Firebird and Mirage), Fringe (green, blue, silver, and new), SDC 4 (yellow, red, black, gray), PhiKap 1, SigEp 1
(My notes are in Pittsburgh. I am in Berlin, Germany. I may have forgotten or mis-remembered items.)
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Edit: More official news, buggy names, and photos are up at Also, I forgot to mention that one of the PiKA buggys lost the outer portion of the wheel shell. (I handed it back to the PiKA pusher.)

Sunday, March 1: Cancelled due to colder temperatures, and Sweepstakes feeling less paranoid about getting enough rolls in.
No rolls for Spring Break.