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Feb 28 - First Rolls of Spring Semester (Mar 1 rolls cancelled)

Feb 28: First Rolls of Spring Semester
Orgs and buggies: Pioneers 1, KDR 2, PiKA 3, CIA 2 (Firebird and Mirage), Fringe (green, blue, silver, and new), SDC 4 (yellow, red, black, gray), PhiKap 1, SigEp 1
(My notes are in Pittsburgh. I am in Berlin, Germany. I may have forgotten or mis-remembered items.)

Sweepstakes finally realized they were missing too many days of rolls. The temperature was around 28 F and flurries came down toward the end, but they rolled.

KDR - The white buggy (Perin?) lost the front hatch AGAIN. The thin strip of tape at the corner did nothing to hold it in place as the mechanical fastenings broke. The driver controlled the buggy as best she could with no visibility going into the Chute. She slowed to a stop by the inner haybales just past the gazebo.

McCue was instantly notified via text message. (Too bad he was asleep in NYC at the time...) I've been waiting months to use this icon.

Pioneers - Keres still has one of the smoothest Chute lines

PiKA - very cautious slow start. This method backfired when first buggy slowed to stop in Chute and 2nd buggy whizzed by. This happened two rolls in a row. On the second time, the 2nd buggy swerved toward the pusher running toward the 1st buggy. The pusher jumped out of the way. The 3rd buggy (the record holder) was inching along

CIA - rolled Firebird and Mirage. Firebird lost a wheel cover. (They missed a chance to Cape on Friday due to rain.)

SDC - has a new buggy. I don't know the name of it. The black and gray buggies had Flip video cameras on for first 3 rolls. The Flip harness scrapped asphalt in the Chute.
The yellow buggy had lots of issues; it was going slowly and turned way too early for the chute. The driver turned away from the bales and had just enough momentum to get lined up in the Chute again. She was pushed up the hill and scratched for the day.

PhiKap - rolled the skinny black buggy with paned windshield. The follow Jeep was losing its driver's side window.

SigEp - Scratched the first roll, then brought out the red buggy with black stripes. Late in the morning, the buggy stopped at the start of Hill 3 and couldn't be moved forward again. The driver was extracted and the buggy was carried up the hill. Might I recommend a Spot Safety?

Edit: More official news, buggy names, and photos are up at http://cmubuggy.org/News/?p=193. Also, I forgot to mention that one of the PiKA buggys lost the outer portion of the wheel shell. (I handed it back to the PiKA pusher.)

Sunday, March 1: Cancelled due to colder temperatures, and Sweepstakes feeling less paranoid about getting enough rolls in.
No rolls for Spring Break.

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