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Second Day Heats

Quote of the Day: "Tell the B team to stop drinking." - SigEp chair, 3:40 pm

Important: The heats are based on safety, not times. There was a looooong discussion about the heat arrangements. Edit: By Safety, I mean SDC and PiKA rejected the possibility of a nearly parallel heat. Neither org wants to risk the interference.

Exhibitions Heat Lane 1 Lane 3
8:00 1 Fringe CIA
8:08 2 SDC Sweepstakes (Camo)
8:16 3 Fringe SigNu
8:24 4 Pioneers CIA
8:32 5 Fringe AEPi
8:40 6 SDC PhiKap
Re-Rolls Heat Lane 1 Lane 3
9:15 1 SigNu A women's
Women's Heat Lane 1 Lane 3
9:30 1 Spirit A Fringe A
9:45 2 PiKA A SigEp A
10:00 3 SDC A SDC B
Mens Heat Lane 1 Lane 3
10:30 1 PiKA A SigNu A
10:45 2 SigEp A KDR A
11:00 3 Spirit A SDC C
11:15 4 Fringe A SDC B
11:30 5 SDC A Fringe B

Disqualifications and Did Not Finish (list is incomplete)
Beta A - Flammable liquids in truck
PIKA C - Loss of Mass
Fringe D - 5 second rule
Spirit C - DNF
AEPi B - pacing
KDR C - no Hill 4 pusher
Spirit C - spun in Chute (yes, this is the buggy-driver combo that Sweepstakes tried to DQ based on unsafe performance.)
PIKA B - hit outer hay bales in Chute

AEPi A - Hill 1 was a big bearded guy
SigNu B - spun in chute

General Comment: Sorry about the lack of updates recently. I've been helping with the Buggy Alumni Association's Rolls Reports. I'll try to bring back the snark, when I'm not traveling to exotic locations.

Oh dear god, I just volunteered to push Camo for Sweepstakes' Exhibition Heat. Andrew (Chair) will be Hill 1, Seth (Safety) will be Hill 2. Several people want to see how many Women's Hill 1 beat Andrew's time.
Tags: crash, heats

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