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Start of Rolls - Fall 2010

While the more official news has moved over to the Buggy Alumni Association website (cmubuggy.org), I figure I'll get you guys up to speed with the cliff notes of this year.

Our Cast of Characters Sweepstakes Committee
  • Chairman – Chris Shellhamer (Jr., Last year's Assistant Chair, originally of PiKA)

  • Assistant Chairman – Janice Chen (Sr., former Head Driver of AEPi)

  • Safety Chair – Fritz Langford (Sr., former Chairman of SigEp, also big in CMU's EMS group)

Who's Rolling
SigNu appears to be missing from the line-up. I have no idea why.
ROTC and Beta are also not part of things, but who knows if Beta is just taking off the semester.
SDC is back.
SAE is not only back, but also at rolls.
The other regulars, including new regulars KapSig, are back.

Rolls Report for September 18-19, 2010
30 minute delay due to fog.
Only 7 orgs out, which dropped to 6 after SAE scratched for the day.
Orgs got 3-4 rolls

On the last roll of the day, a new driver in CIA's Firebird couldn't handle a slight ramp-up in speed and crashed into the inner haybales. Driver was fine and Firebird just needs to be re-saftied/caped.

Slight delay due to moist roads. Only a couple orgs were willing to roll in the first half hour and all buggies were bagged.

Spirit had a roll-to-a-stop just after Hill 2, and the cause was found to be the driver braking due to bad visibility. Hallelujah, I wish more drivers would stop when they can't see. The windshield was wiped off and she continued down the hill.

When speed started going up, Fringe's Blizzard took a hard hit into the outer haybales. The impact was enough to pop the front hatch/windshield off. The driver walked away with scratches, which is very lucky.

During Fringe's next turn, a newer buggy (Bedlam?) had a technical issue. In the end of the Chute, the buggy slowed to a stop and made a crunching noise. The buggy couldn't be pushed forward, so the driver was extracted.

Note: I'll be out of town next weekend. Hopefully, the BAA will be reporting the rolls stuff again.

Latest Discussion Point: EMS at Rolls
For the first time in years, CMU EMS had 2 members on hand at freeroll practice. Sweepstakes will be deciding whether to pay to continue having EMS attend the additional practices.

In addition, there was a "first response" training for Org chairs and Radio Club who are most likely to be first on the scene of a buggy crash. The training mostly consisted of identifying when a driver is injured and what to tell EMS (i.e. speed up the response time by calling EMS immediately, not waiting for Sweepstakes to make it around the hill).

Fritz Langford, the current Safety Chair, is also Executive Director for CMU EMS this year. Radio Club also has a couple members that are part of EMS. However, it's really not possible to administer care while also performing other duties. The one advantage is that they can contact the EMS dispatch and convey what type of response is needed (first aid kit, ambulance, etc).

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