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Nov 22: Rolls Cancelled

Why? Even if the snow stops it will still be too cold. The low is supposed to reach 22 or 18 F, depending which weather forecast you read. Men's Mini-Raceday is moved to Sunday.

Edit: Yeah, I've been predicting this since Monday.
Edit Sat, 10:30 am: Low for Sunday morning is predicted to be 22 F. Don't bet on Rolls tomorrow.
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Freerolls Nov 16: 7 Orgs Braved the Cold and Spirit Crashed

Rolling Orgs (buggies): SDC (4: Psychosis, Addiction, Envy, Rage), Pioneers (1: Chaos), Fringe (4: Bristol, Banyan, Blizzard, Brazen), PhiKap (2: Svengali and Shadenfraude?), CIA (2: Mirage and Firebird), Spirit (2: Haraka and Kingpin?), PiKA (2: Knightfall and ?)
Not Rolling: SAE tried to come out, but were missing their driver.

They got through the roll order almost five times. (Fringe got six rolls because many orgs scratched around 8:45.)

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Freerolls Nov 9: PiKA crashed, AEPi spun, and C-I-oneers blurred org lines again

Rolling Orgs Nov 9: Spirit (1), AEPi (2: Zephyrus and Camo), SigNu (3), PiKA (3), SDC (4: Rage, Addiction, Psychosis, Envy), Pioneers (1: Chaos?), Fringe (4), SigEp (2), CIA (1: Conquest)
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Melissa is also the Sweepstakes Design Chair, and has been an enthusiastic participant in many buggy activities.  (There is an adorable photo from Design Comp last year when she drove around the antique buggy that was on display.)  Everyone participating in buggy wish her minimal injuries, a speedy recovery, and a resilient spirit.

PiKA accidentally picked up the CMU Paramedic's bike helmet when they were clearing the scene.

Edit: Yet more comments from rolls:
Also, former Safety Chair John Novak was at the backhills and Top of Hill today. During the cleanup of the PiKA crash, his comments that Seth "was a horrible Safety Chair and stuff like this never happened when he was chair" was broadcasted over the W3VC Safety Net. Seth's response could not be repeated over an FCC regulated communication.

"So, do you schlack your balls first, and then laminate them? Or do you laminate them first and then schlack them?"
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Nov 2 Freerolls: Longest day and no crashes

Nov 2: The organizations got round the roll order exactly 4 times with no major issues on the longest day of freerolls in the Fall.

Rolling Orgs: Spirit (1 buggy), KDR (1 buggy), SAE (1 buggy), AEPi (2 buggies), Sig Nu (2 buggies), PiKA (3 buggies), SDC (4 buggies), Pioneers (1 buggy), Fringe (4 buggies), PhiKap (2 buggies: Svengali and Celerity Shadenfraude), SigEp (2 buggies: Pandora and Messiah), and CIA (2 buggies: Firebird and Conquest)
Not rolling: Beta

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Thank you to ag5j for contributing observations from the Chute.
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Election Dates Rules Revision

The third revision about election dates passed. The first meeting must now be held within the first two weeks of the start of the Fall semester. Collapse )
This change doesn't actually get the committee elected sooner; it just starts the process sooner.

If you missed the History of Buggy Presentation (or walked out during one of the technical glitches), I recommend watching the video composite of SDC Men's A and PiKA Men's A teams Finals from last Raceday. (I've been told the video was manually combined without special matching software.)
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Freerolls Oct 26: Some fast buggies have issues

Eleven orgs and a few alumni were present at freerolls on Sunday, October 26. Collapse )

A note about alumni: You know you are surrounded by people who are addicted to buggy when an alum spontaneously lists out the available sizes of racing wheelchair wheels. The other random comments from the Peanut Gallery were similarly detailed.

Edit:Next weekend, Nov 1-2, rolls will only occur on Sunday due to Halloween.
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Rules, Homecoming Events, and the Buggy Alumni Association

Rules Revision goes for a Third Round: Collapse )

Homecoming Events: Listed on Sweepstakes Home page and Buggy Alumni Association
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Buggy Alumni Association (BAA)
The BAA has set up their official web site: cmubuggy.org. I encourage everyone to check it out. They have an active Forum, announce News, collect History, and show off a Gallery of Buggy photos.

In other news, SAE-Kappa is now only SAE. "It was a mutual breakup."

Rolls for Halloween weekend will only occur on Sunday, Nov 2.