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Buggy Tales

Chronicles of Buggy
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Discussions about Carnegie Mellon's Buggy Races and Practices
This community is for the discussion of Buggy Races and Freeroll Practices at Carnegie Mellon University.
More Offical Forum: Carnegie Mellon Buggy Alumni Association (BAA) (Old BAA site) (RSS Feed at buggy_alums)

Some Ground Rules:
  1. Only post or comment on information that is open to all parties. Do NOT share information that an organization would view as private.

  2. No insults or bashing of other organizations even if they deserve it. Keep rants on your own journal.

  1. Anyone with an interest in discussing buggy may join this community.

  2. Comments from non-members will be screened.

  3. Only Members can post to the community.

  4. Any member picking a fight, breaking the rules listed above, or otherwise angering people will be banned from the community.
The rules exist to prevent wankery. I have a low tolerance for flame wars and do not want to see them here. If you cannot discuss buggy without angering others, go somewhere else.

Upcoming Buggy Races
April 16-17, 2010
April 15-16, 2011 (proposed)

Source: http://www.cmu.edu/hub/calendar.html

DVDs of races since 2004 are available at http://www.cmutv.org/ordernow.htm